we're tired of the same old, Same old. Aren't you?

We do HR that's fresh 

Some of the ways we've helped clients

Edtech & Hrtech advising

We know what many startups don't - how to navigate and breakthrough to corporate clients. We're happy to share this expertise by providing:

  • Ideas and feedback during product development
  • Insights and strategies for breaking through to customers
  • Pricing strategies

Culture preservation

Your company culture defines who you are, makes you unique and drives your success. Without a deliberate strategy to protect it, your uniqueness is at risk of fading or being corrupted by those with other ideas. We work with clients to create a plan for preserving culture, nurturing it, and ensuring it thrive.

Employee engagement

Ah, the buzzword of today. Engagement matters and measuring it can help you establish a powerful HR roadmap. Be careful though because many of the tools on the market are convoluted and take an army to implement correctly. We work with clients to find the right employee engagement tools for them and then assist as needed with implementation.

      New hire Onboarding

      Leaving orientation to chance means every new hire will head off in the direction they think is right. Before long, you'll have a "team" of people working in opposing directions and your mission will be lost. Yikes! We partner with clients to design on boarding programs that support their unique culture.

        Leadership development that wows

        Learning can be exciting and impactful. It's 2018 and we have lots of tools to work with beyond the traditional classroom. Simulations, outdoor experiences, and virtual reality are just some of the ways to break free from dull, flat and lifeless training. We partner with the best providers to design and deliver memorable experiences that matter.

        coaching for all!

        Coaching is a powerful way to identify for each individual what they need to learn and then guide them to make it happen. In the past, coaching broke the bank but not anymore. We have access to a pool of high-caliber coaches that can help anyone at any level in your organization raise their performance to the next level.

        curated learning Playlists

        We've done the hard work for curating articles, videos and free online courses on topics needed in every organization. These can be posted on platforms your organization is already using like Confluence or an internal website. Playlists include:

        • Advancing your career
        • Allyship, diversity & inclusion
        • Becoming a manager
        • Communicating effectively
        • Customer service
        • Giving & receiving feedback
        • Interviewing
        • Management fundamentals
        • Mentoring

        More playlists to come! We can also create playlists or teach you how to create your own.

        Learning Bursts

        Sometimes what's needed are conversations about skills that matter. We've got these ready to go. In just 60-90 minutes, we can equip your team to:

        • Give meaningful feedback
        • Receive meaningful feedback (just because someone can give it, doesn't mean the other person is ready to hear it)
        • Take charge of their own development
        • Make time for things that matter
        • Understand the power and importance of emotional intelligence 
        • Identify their top 5 values in rank order (knowing what's important to you is incredibly empowering)

        More topics coming soon. We can also design new sessions for you.

        Performance management

        "Get rid of reviews or keep them?" That is the question and there isn't one right answer. We'll help you explore what's right for your company, source online platforms if needed, create communication and training, and do whatever is needed to help you execute the right approach.